The x/HP series optics from AXCO:
The world's most intense beams for high-pressure cell microdiffraction.

Our SRA-x/HP series optics for rotating anodes have demonstrated the most intense Mo-Ka (17 keV) microbeam for high-pressure cell diffraction available outside synchrotron beamlines. These optics have facilitated the use of this analysis technique for structure determination from smaller samples than has previously been possible in the lab. Now complemented by our SST-x/HP systems for conventional sealed tubes and MFT-x/HP systems for microfocus tubes, an optics solution to suit your instrumental specifications is both practicable and desirable.

These optics have been designed specifically to produce smaller beam foci at longer output focal lengths than any other optics can achieve - allowing data collection from a smaller sample volume within the DAC cell - at more uniform pressure. Our smallest beams actually permit the study of specimen pressure gradients across the DAC cell.

SRA-x/HP Features:

Intensity: 20x collimated beam

Source: Rotating anode, max. 0.1x1.0mm target, Mo / Ag

Beam sizes: interchangeable from 300 down to 20 microns diameter

Long exit collimators to provide sharp beam spots inside large DAC cells

Low divergence - 0.2 deg FW - resolves equiv. 400Å superlattice

Simple installation and alignment, no maintenance

Instrument Dimensions

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SRA-G/HP Optical system for Bruker-AXS GADDS-D8® diffractometer

SST-x/HP Features:

Intensity: 12x collimated beam

Source: FF, LFF or UFF sealed tube, Mo or Ag (or both!)

Beam sizes: interchangeable from 400 down to 50 microns diameter

Divergence: (std) 0.4 deg FW

Simple installation and alignment, no maintenance

Pedestal/tube attachment by user specfication

SST-HP Optical system for standard tube-shield



SRA-P/HP system installed on Bruker-AXS PLATFORM® diffractometer with SMART® camera system at Geophysics Insitute, University of Uppsala, Sweden.



SRA-P/HP system with Mao-Bell DAC
(exit collimator 10mm from cell centre)