Microfluorescence Spectrometry Optics

For all types of laboratory X-ray source, AXCO's unique monocapillary optics offer long output focal lengths with narrow convergence angles suitable for microfluorescence spectrometry applications needing complex instrumentation, clear spaces near the specimen or interchangeable beam-limiting apertures. The depth-of-focus available using a focussing monocapillary is several mm, and the focus position is identical for all energies (i.e. achromatic). The optics use reflective surfaces free of heavy elements to eliminate unwanted fluorescence spectra in the source beam. Our optics demonstrate the highest efficiencies at all energies of any optics available for laboratory source applications.


The huge variety of equipment types and combinations used for X-ray microfluorescence invariably requires us to produce custom-made housings in the majority of applications. Please see our Optical design criteria for the information you may need to specify an optical solution to your application, and please contact us for further details.

X-ray microfluorescence experimental testing configuration
(AXCO labs)