AXCO produces monocapillary optics and optical systems for X-ray diffraction, spectrometry and SAXS/WAXS. Our unique optics are optimally designed to produce true beam foci (or parallel beams) at macroscopic distances from the optic using an accurately-tapered reflecting surface with cylindrical symmetry. They also may be referred to as Full-complement Toroidal Mirror optics.
Unlike other mirror systems, our optics achieve two-dimensional focusing with only one X-ray reflection - yielding much higher efficiency and focusing. Our optics have consistently demonstrated the highest reported reflectivities across the X-ray spectrum. For an explanation of how our optics work see A Capillary Optics Primer.

Our product range covers both new equipment and retrofit optical systems for existing instruments. We also provide a custom optic design service for novel or modified instrument configurations, either for single optics or production sets.

News and Product Announcements

S70PX optical system for the Rigaku MicroMax007® and FR-E® generators - The world's most intense lab-based beams for protein crystallography, exceeding the performance of many synchrotron PX beamlines.

AXCO products by application

Twin S100PX / RaxisIV installation on RU-H3R (click to enlarge)